I strongly hold to the Liberal philosophy that it is governmentís job to provide a functional operating environment for ALL Australians and then, as far as possible, get out of the way and let individuals and families shape their own lives.

This functional operating environment will differ from person to person - be they a child or a senior - and between organisations - be they a small not-for-profit or a large corporation.

As a Queensland senator, itís my job to represent the different views and differing needs of all Queenslanders.

I bring my own life experiences to this job - as a mother, as a Queensland manufacturer, a family business owner, a person with an understanding of the wastewater industry, and as a disability advocate and carer.   

I look forward to helping you in these areas and with any other issue that you'd like to bring to my attention.

Best wishes

Sue Boyce
Liberal National Senator for Queensland

Sue Boyce
Liberal National
Senator for Queensland
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